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Come be part of a circular economy and sustainable future 

Repurposing food waste into multiple amazing products

Welcome to Savado360. Savado 360 is a social product enterprise whose main aim is reducing and repurposing food waste, saving it from going to landfills and creating green house gases which pollute the environment. Savado 360 takes end to end ownership from collection to manufacturing to sales. Savado 360 product are Vegan. cruelty free , organic, and handmade .  Food waste is directly collected from the source i.e restaurants, cafes, etc. and sold at these locations as well along with our website . Come be a part of the Savado 360 movement and take ownership of making a change: 


Eco friendly beauty product with sustainability


Our mission is to promote a sustainable future towards circular economy by recycling and repurposing avocado seeds. 

Our online store was founded by like-minded individuals, a group of budding environmentalist dedicated to building an easy, affordable, and environmental friendly sustainable product.

Savado 360 provides innovative services and products by repurposing avocado seeds , Savado 360 pledge to save tones of Avocado seed going to landfill ,polluting environment . Its Good for you and good for environment . 

At Savado360, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. Our products are high achieving from 100% natural ingredients . Take a look at our site and get in touch with any questions or concerns.


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