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Our dream is to reduce food wastage and create a landfill free world. Through repurposing Avocado seed wastage we can create a circular economy in which nothing is wasted. All of our products are created from avocado seeds that would have gone to a landfill or a polluting environment. Savado 360 has a wide range of product to serve for your needs in a eco-friendly way.  

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No more food waste

Svado360 is social product enterprise whose mission is to reduce green house gases, create a circular economy, partner in local communities, eliminate plastic packaging, and create a landfill free world. This mission is achieved by repurposing food waste into multiple organic products and using bio degradable packaging.

Our Concept is an environment friendly initiative that will address the challenge of food waste that is directly proportional to global warming and climate change.

We are following the circular economy concept to create sustainable products from food waste particularly Avocado seed.

Circular economy tackles global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

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