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Savado 360 was created by Vedant and Shivali. We are passionate budding environmentalists who believe in an          eco-friendly sustainable future for everybody by changing the landscape of food waste to food products.

Garden Hose Sprinkler


Food wastage is one of the biggest problems in the world. In the United states alone 40% of all food is completely wasted. Among this, 12 million tonnes of fruit are wasted each year. When it comes to landfills, fruit waste makes up 20% of the entire thing. The methane produced by this food waste is a green house gas which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. However, fruit seed waste is highly nutritious: they contains vitamins, minerals,            mono-saturated fats, high amounts of fiber, polyunsaturated fats,  antioxidants, and more. Clearly, these benefits should be used somehow. Savado 360 wants to reduce fruit seed wastage as much as possible, its aim is to re purpose fruit seed wastage, specifically avocado seeds by creating multiple eco-friendly sustainable products. Our entire process is sustainable including our packaging, which is bio degradable, in order to make our product end to end environmentally conscious. We are organic, vegan,  cruelty free, and completely made from natural ingredients. 

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Vedant Sharma

Vedant is a High school student in Houston, TX. 


I am extremely passionate about making a difference in our community by raising awareness of the climate change and ensuring that we make conscious choices to drive a sustainable future. 


In my free time, I read, play chess and play piano.

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Shivali Sharma

Shivali is Freshman is a High School student in Anaheim, CA. 


I am a Southern California native and feels at peace with connecting with nature especially our glorious national parks. I love spending time to raise awareness about global warming to preserve nature and combat pollution.


In my free time I enjoy watching and analyzing all different types of media, including television and literature. I also like writing.

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